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Painting in Greece 2015

Watercolour Painting  in Greece 2016




With its enchanting light, warmth and uniquely  ancient spirit, Greece has long been a source of inspiration.


Nas, Ikaria

 Nas is a spectacular  and very beautiful location on the island of Ikaria, wild, fascinating and off the beaten track. The  journey to Ikaria can be something of a challenge but the island is immensely rewarding and I have been painting there regularly for several years. I can offer bespoke courses or workshops for groups or individuals. Please email for information or advice.







Materials to Bring 


These are suggestions for beginners – experienced painters will already know what suits them best.


‘Pans’ or tubes, artist quality watercolours  are much better – go for quality rather than quantity! This is a good basic palette, it is not definitive but try to have at least one ‘warm’ and one ‘cool’ shade of the primary colours and a couple of ‘earth’ colours.

LemonYellow (cool)

Cadmium Yellow Pale (warm)  

Cadmium Red (cool)

Alizarin Crimson (warm)

Monestial (Winsor) Blue (cool)

French Ultramarine (warm)

Raw Sienna (earth)

Raw Umber (earth)

Burnt Sienna (earth)


These colours I find particularly useful in the Mediterranean environment, and you may like to consider:

Cobalt Turquoise (expensive but a lovely colour to have in The Aegean and it is difficult to mix a good turquoise), Cerulean and Cobalt Blues, Cobalt Violet, Naples Yellow and a pink, for example Rose Doré or Shell Pink.



Bring plenty – a watercolour ‘block’, glued at the edges is very convenient . A sketch book and  some cheaper paper is a good idea. Try to bring a variety of textures – “not’ or cold – pressed is a good  all round texture.



At least one decent size ( 10 or 12 ) good quality sable or synthetic equivalent that will point well.

Some other useful brushes include a ‘rigger’ for finer lines, a ‘mop’ (eg squirrell)  for large washes, a coarser ‘hog’ for lifting off pigment and an old toothbrush for ‘spattering’.


Other Things

Other things include a mixing palette, some pencils,  a putty rubber, a drawing board ( a piece of card will do),  masking tape for dealing with loose paper and masking fluid.




Don’t feel you have to spend a fortune. A little goes a long way and if you have fewer colours you’ll get to know them better. One good brush is better than lots of mediocre ones.



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